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May 17 2023

TimeLas Vegas (PST)

10:00 am - 1:00 pm



ON-CAMERA COMMUNICATION [Best Practices] for Business & Corporate Professionals (Workshop)

How to PREPARE for an On-Camera Interview, Virtual Meeting or Presentation …

Who Should Enroll:

★ Any team member that uses on-camera video communication as a tool to work effectively with your team, partners, prospects and clients. Our clientele consists of entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, business and corporate professionals along with industry experts including coaches and consultants, marketing and sales professionals, authors and publishers, speakers and presenters, trainers and facilitators, professional service providers and other industry authorities.

Overview & Objectives:

Register for this LIVE, engaging, highly interactive, instructor-led virtual workshop that goes beyond standard “check-the-box” online course or seminar style training to provide practical, real-world experiences designed to help you grow your confidence and effectiveness with virtual on-camera events.

Learn why overcoming the barriers of ineffective on-camera experiences and developing new best practices can benefit you, your team and your entire organization.

Master ON CAMERA techniques and discover ways to look natural and at ease on-camera. Learn to eliminate nervous energy so that you present yourself in a relaxed, confident, and professional manner.

Ray and Maria want you to be prepared for your next on-camera event so that your message will have the impact that you intend and you gain the results that you desire.

Testimonial from Dr. Jeffrey Magee / PhD, CBE, CSP, CMC, PDM
Testimonial from Dr. Jeffrey Magee / PhD, CBE, CSP, CMC, PDM

During this workshop, you will receive:

  • Friendly feedback and practical tips on how to be your best and look, act and sound confident on-camera during online meetings and events.
  • Communication tips on the 3Vs of communication (Verbal/Vocal/Visual) so you convey authority, confidence and enthusiasm on-camera
  • Tech tips on low-cost cameras, mics, backdrops, lighting devices, and other production accessories
  • Deliverables including private video recordings along with a downloadable checklist and tip sheet
  • Follow up instructions including an invitation to continue your journey with us for our weekly LIVE Q&A

WORKSHOP AGENDA  (Program time: 3 hours)

How to PREPARE for an On-Camera Interview, Meeting or Presentation

★ How to PLAN an Effective Strategy …

★ How to PREPARE Your Messaging …

★ How to PRACTICE Your Delivery …

★ How to PRESENT Like a Pro …

PREPARE to have a B.L.A.S.T.!

★ How to BE Confident On Camera – Includes tips on how to be present and improve upon your on-camera confidence, presence, persona, and authentic personality …

★ How to LOOK Confident On Camera – Includes tips on video improvements, camera framing, backdrops/background displays, lighting, hair/makeup, and much more …

★ How to ACT Confident On Camera – Includes tips on the appropriate use of body language, movement, posture, eye contact, gesturing, positioning and more …

★ How to SOUND Confident On Camera – Includes tips on verbal and vocal communication techniques, best mics, room prep and noise reduction for best audio recording …

★ How to TECH Check Before Your Event – Includes tips on best choices for webcams, microphones, lighting units, accessories, in-home/office studio setup, and much more …


Virtual Event | Zoom Meeting
Online via video conference
Virtual Event | Zoom Meeting
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General Admission $295

Admission includes access to a half-day 'on-camera' virtual workshop via Zoom ($295 value).

Available Event Seats: 24
The General Admission ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
VIP Admission $495

Admission includes access to a half-day 'on-camera' virtual workshop via Zoom ($295 value) ... PLUS a full month of follow-up media coaching and mentorship via a private FB group/Q&A platform ($250 value).

Available Event Seats: 24
The VIP Admission ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray

Event Organizer

Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray

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  • Maria Ngo
    Maria Ngo

    ★ INTERESTING FACT: Maria escaped to the US with her parents during the Vietnam war and grew up in Missouri. She currently serves as on-camera co-host, producer and a media coach/trainer alongside husband and partner, Ray DuGray.
    Maria has over a decade of media communications experience hosting and producing hundreds of celebrity interviews including Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Dr. Oz, Garth Brooks, and even Bart Simpson! And she is super grateful she gets to do what she loves.
    Please check out our ABOUT PAGE to learn more about Maria.

  • Ray DuGray
    Ray DuGray

    ★ INTERESTING FACT: Ray grew up in Canada and spent a large chunk of his career as a professional firefighter, paramedic, corporate trainer and successful entrepreneur. He is college level certified and credentialed in a variety of professional and business development programs including management development, small business management, adult education, accelerated learning and active training methods. While in Canada, Ray founded an EMS health & safety training company and traveled extensively as a professional speaker and corporate trainer.
    After moving his business to Las Vegas over a decade ago, Ray now serves as co-founder of VIPNET Media LLC along with his wife and business partner Maria Ngo. As a media coach, consultant, producer and director, Ray leads business development and growth initiatives for two celebrity talks shows, a variety of online media sites along with professional development training seminars and workshops targeting business and corporate professionals.
    Please check out our ABOUT PAGE to learn more about Ray.

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