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Sammy Hagar & Guy Fieri (showcase)

with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

Lionel Richie (showcase)

Lionel Richie (showcase) with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

Rhett Akins (showcase)

Rhett Akins (showcase) with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

Kimberly Friedmutter (showcase)

Kimberly Friedmutter (showcase) with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray on THE STRIP LIVE for VegasNET media

Receive Media Training during our MEDIACAST LIVE Weekly Online Production Shoots

Join media trainers and celebrity positioning specialists Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo online once a week for their MEDIACAST live media training sessions and workshops - broadcasting LIVE from their home studio in the Las Vegas area. 

Connect LIVE with top influencers including ...


Maria Ngo | SuccessShowcase.com

★ Celebrity Talk Show Host  / Producer ★ Media Coach for Business Coaches, Authors, Speakers & Trainers ★ Superstar Mom


Mystery Guest | SuccessShowcase.com

Each week we may or may not bring on a last minute guest co-host (influencer) to join Maria & Ray along with their all-star line-up


Ray DuGray | SuccessShowcase.com

★ Media Coach / Producer / Director ★ Authority Positioning Specialist for Business Coaches, Authors, Speakers & Trainers ★ Superstar  Dad

Receive LIVE online access with top influencers during weekly MASTERCAST Q&A Webcasts

Join celebrity talk show hosts / producers Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo each week as they go live with their all-star lineup of VIP show guests during their MASTERCAST LIVE celebrity talk show online interviews including LIVE Q&A.

Check out our celebrity 'Blast from the Past'

Over the past decade, we have been interviewing top celebrities, entrepreneurs and industry experts on their success stories for our Las Vegas based show celebrity talk show - THE STRIP LIVE. And we will share it all with you inside. Join us on the red carpet, backstage, on stage, in studio, behind-the-scenes at live events, and on location having fun (whether in a helicopter, green room or aboard a high-speed roller-coaster).


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Join media trainers and celebrity positioning specialists Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo four times per year as they go LIVE at their signature VIP MASTERCAST LIVE production shoots and mastermind events inside the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

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Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo

We love to speak in third person when we brag about ourselves to impress you. So here goes ...

Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are the happily married hosts and executive producers of a celebrity talk show based in Las Vegas called THE STRIP LIVE, founders of VegasNET Media LLC and creators of VegasNETmedia.com and VipNETmedia.com where they feature on-camera interviews with top VIPs (Very Influential People) from around the world.

Their spin-off show (MASTERCAST LIVE) serves a global audience of "success seekers" and showcases some of the world's most successful and influential people.

They have personally interviewed and showcased hundreds of top celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts — including Stevie Wonder, Donald Trump, Tony Bennett, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Costner, The Kardashians, Joe Jonas and even Bart Simpson.

Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo | VipShowcase.com
Bill Bartmann | VipShowcase.com



“I have been around in the success industry and have shared the stage with giants like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more. I am deeply touched and proud of my friends Ray and Maria’s relationship, work, and their mission. They are sincere and honest people who want to see others succeed. I am honored to have been part of their show and will continue to support them as they go global.”

-- The late Bill Bartmann Self-made Billionaire | Author of 'Billionaire Secrets to Success'

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