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  • Anyone who would like to know how to present themselves to look and sound better in front of a camera for a live or recorded presentation including (but not limited to) … entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, marketers, bloggers,  content creators, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, professional service providers, actors, models, spokespersons, entertainers, presenters, PR professionals, and industry experts.
  • Whether you are being interviewed as a show guest; hosting an interview; building video content for your YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook page; creating an online video-based course; preparing video proposals; speaking live on-camera to your family, friends, associates or online community – Amateur or Pro, THIS IS FOR YOU!


  • What colors and clothes work best for video
  • How to appear confident, positive and relaxed on camera
  • How to select, test and use the equipment you really need
  • How to connect with your audience like you are friends
  • How to be your natural, authentic self on camera
  • What backdrops and backgrounds best enhance your video
  • What equipment to upgrade for better results
  • Ways to eliminate nerves and rid yourself of fear
  • What to do with your hands, eyes, head, feet, etc.
  • How to keep the camera from adding 15-20 pounds
  • How to capture attention with powerful intros and openings
  • How to use simple effects and music to add the ‘pro’ factor
  • How to storyboard your messages to tell a great story
  • How to use body language for maximum engagement
  • How to get a free teleprompter and use it effectively
  • How to overcome awkwardness and look at ease on camera
  • How to position your camera, lighting and mic the right way
  • How to write and read a script that doesn’t sound scripted
  • How you can be unpolished and still look like a pro
  • How to accept imperfections in your appearance
  • How to focus on the message you want to share
  • How to setup a low-cost home or office production studio
  • Common on-camera mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Work through mental blocks that cause you to shy away
  • How to dress for success and feel like a star
  • Visual, verbal and vocal skills for effective communication
  • Methods to connect with your audience from the start
  • How to laser target your audience with the right messages
  • How to sound unscripted and conversational on camera
  • How to position your body while sitting or standing
  • Where to look for best eye contact with your audience
  • and much, much more …
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    We have prepared this Q&A resource for members of our VIP MEDIACAST MENTORSHIP Program. Your questions and our answers...
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    We have prepared this Q&A resource for members of our VIP MEDIA MASTERY MENTORSHIP Program. Your questions and our answers...