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How to Look & Sound Like a Pro for Your Next Webcast, Podcast, Livecast, Broadcast or Anycast!

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with Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo | Celebrity Talk Show Hosts / Producers

Improve your confidence and boost your ON CAMERA STARPOWER  with expert coaching.  Whether you are a show guest for a talk show interview or show host of your own media platform – webcast, podcast, livecast, broadcast, or anycast (anywhere), this is for YOU.

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INSTANT FAST ACTION BONUS! 60 Min. On-Camera Media Makeover + Checklist

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This offer comes with no obligation to purchase any additional products or services offered through us. We believe in our ability to create positive transformation in others through the power of media.  We are confident that you will come to know, like and trust us enough to want to share this opportunity with others. No pressure from us! Only a promise to you that we will do our absolute best to deliver tremendous value.  Cheers! — Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray | celebrity talk show hosts / producers / media coaches


Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo are the happily married hosts and producers of a celebrity talk show in Las Vegas and serve as on-camera media coaches for entrepreneurs, executives and experts including coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers and professional service providers.

The dynamic duo can be seen on the red carpet, backstage, or on-stage interviewing top celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Dwayne Johnson, Kim Kardashian, Richard Branson, Tony Bennett, Dr. Oz, Garth Brooks, Wayne Gretzky,  and even Bart Simpson to name just a few.

Having interviewed some of the world’s most successful and influential people, including over a thousand celebrity interviews in the past decade, Maria and Ray have acquired the knowledge, experience and wisdom to help you look and sound like a pro on-camera. And that’s what they aim to do for YOU!

Ray DuGray

Maria Ngo

During this group VIP Media Makeover (via Zoom), you will receive:

  • 1Friendly feedback along with a multi-point checklist of tips on how to look, act, and sound your best on camera
  • 2Communication tips so you present with authority, confidence and enthusiasm on-camera
  • 3Tech tips on low-cost cameras, mics, backdrops, lighting devices, and other production accessories
  • 4Deliverables including a video recording of the event along with a downloadable tip sheet and checklist
  • 5Follow up instructions including an invitation to continue your journey with us for our weekly LIVE Q&A

WHO THIS IS FOR: (CLICK to reveal)

  • Anyone who would like to know how to present themselves to look and sound better in front of a camera for a live or recorded presentation including (but not limited to) … entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, marketers, bloggers,  content creators, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, professional service providers, actors, models, spokespersons, entertainers, presenters, PR professionals, and industry experts.
  • Whether you are being interviewed as a show guest; hosting an interview; building video content for your YouTube channel, Instagram or Facebook page; creating an online video-based course; preparing video proposals; speaking live on-camera to your family, friends, associates or online community – Amateur or Pro, THIS IS FOR YOU!


  • No prerequisites, no previous experience on camera required. You don’t have to know anything about being on-camera or what to do during the video conference.
  • Equipment: (Preferred) Access to a desktop or laptop (Mac or PC) with attached webcam, microphone and speakers. (Alternatively) you may use a mobile phone (iPhone or Android). Headset or ear buds recommended for best audio experience. High-speed internet connection (at min. 2mbps up and download speed) required. Test at
  • Desire: You must possess a willingness to become the best version of yourself in front of a camera. NOTE: Life is filled with so many beautiful spontaneous moments. We should artfully capture as many as we can. We can do this together. 


  • What colors and clothes work best for video
  • How to appear confident, positive and relaxed on camera
  • How to select, test and use the equipment you really need
  • How to connect with your audience like you are friends
  • How to be your natural, authentic self on camera
  • What backdrops and backgrounds best enhance your video
  • What equipment to upgrade for better results
  • Ways to eliminate nerves and rid yourself of fear
  • What to do with your hands, eyes, head, feet, etc.
  • How to keep the camera from adding 15-20 pounds
  • How to capture attention with powerful intros and openings
  • How to use simple effects and music to add the ‘pro’ factor
  • How to storyboard your messages to tell a great story
  • How to use body language for maximum engagement
  • How to get a free teleprompter and use it effectively
  • How to overcome awkwardness and look at ease on camera
  • How to position your camera, lighting and mic the right way
  • How to write and read a script that doesn’t sound scripted
  • How you can be unpolished and still look like a pro
  • How to accept imperfections in your appearance
  • How to focus on the message you want to share
  • How to setup a low-cost home or office production studio
  • Common on-camera mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Work through mental blocks that cause you to shy away
  • How to dress for success and feel like a star
  • Visual, verbal and vocal skills for effective communication
  • Methods to connect with your audience from the start
  • How to laser target your audience with the right messages
  • How to sound unscripted and conversational on camera
  • How to position your body while sitting or standing
  • Where to look for best eye contact with your audience
  • and much, much more …



* 60 min. time slots / weekdays

* limited early bird spots available

We reward fast-action decision makers.

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VIP Media Makeover with Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray


How to Look & Sound Like a Pro for Your Next Webcast, Podcast, Livecast, Broadcast or Anycast!

VIP Media Makeover Checklist |

Be sure to have a B.L.A.S.T. for your next virtual meeting, presentation or online media appearance.

Produced and facilitated by Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo

Media coaches / Celebrity talk show hosts and producers

Get Maria and Ray’s step-by-step PDF Checklist of tips and tactics on how to be, look, act, and sound your best on camera along with a bunch of tech suggestions — instant access with membership purchase!

B.E – How to Be Your Best On Camera

Includes tips on how to be present and improve upon your on-camera confidence, presence, persona, and authentic personality …

L.OOK – How to Look Your Best On Camera

Includes tips on video improvements, camera framing, backdrops/background displays, lighting, hair/makeup, and much more …

A.CT – How to Act Your Best On Camera

Includes tips on the appropriate use of body language, movement, posture, eye contact, gesturing, positioning and more …

S.OUND – How to Sound Your Best On Camera

Includes tips on verbal and vocal communication techniques, best mics, room prep and noise reduction for best audio recording …

T.ECH – What Equipment is Best for YOU for On Camera Streaming and Recording

Includes tips on best choices for webcams, microphones, lighting units, accessories, in-home/office studio setup, and much more …

7 Benefits of JOINING our VIP MEDIACAST Mentorship

This is what you’ll receive when you JOIN us for a full year of media coaching … 

Join us each month for our signature On-Camera VIP MEDIA MAKEOVERS via Zoom meetings

Join media coaches and celebrity positioning specialists Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo each month as they go live online via Zoom for their VIP MEDIA MAKEOVERS. Using the B.L.A.S.T. checklist as a guide, they offer group coaching on How to Look & Sound Like a Pro for Your Next Webcast, Podcast, Livecast, Broadcast or Anycast!

Receive weekly online media tips and tactics during MEDIACAST LIVE Q&A via Facebook Live

In addition, each week, Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo will go live online via Facebook during their MEDIACAST LIVE Q&A webcasts. Ask anything and everything you want to know about using new media to help build your authority and get your message out to the world as a leader in your industry.

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Also receive an invitation to join us on location as we interview top celebrities and influencers LIVE on the red carpet during our special VIP Production Events in Las Vegas

Join media trainers and celebrity positioning specialists Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo multiple times per year as they go LIVE at their signature VIP MASTERCAST LIVE production shoots and workshop events in Las Vegas.

We are Super Kool and hang around Super Kool People and even spell Cool ‘Kool’ !

We value your loyalty and commitment and will strive to serve you in the best way possible to meet your needs.

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Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo


We love to speak in third person when we talk about ourselves. So here goes ...

Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are the happily married hosts and executive producers of a celebrity talk show based in Las Vegas called THE STRIP LIVE, founders of VIPNET Media LLC and creators of and where they feature on-camera interviews with top VIPs (Very Influential People) from around the world.

They have personally interviewed and showcased hundreds of top celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts — including Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Sir Richard Branson, Kevin Costner, The Kardashians, Joe Jonas and even Bart Simpson.

Their spin-off show (MASTERCAST LIVE) serves a global audience of “success seekers” and showcases some of the world’s most successful and influential people.

Patty Aubery (showcase)

Patty Aubery

Garth Brooks (showcase)

Garth Brooks

Jason Derulo (showcase)

Jason Derulo

Wayne Gretzky (showcase)

Wayne Gretzky

Sharon Lechter (showcase)

Sharon Lechter

Joel Osteen (showcase)

Joel Osteen

Paige Spiranac (showcase)

Paige Spiranac

Tony Bennett (showcase)

Tony Bennett

Les Brown (showcase)

Les Brown

Desiigner (showcase)


Marcia Gay Harden (showcase)

Marcia Gay Harden

Stan Lee (showcase)

Stan Lee

Dr. Mehmet Oz (showcase)

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Jacob Tremblay (showcase)

Jacob Tremblay

Molly Bloom (showcase)

Molly Bloom

Brent Burns (showcase)

Brent Burns

Eloise & Paul Dejoria (showcase)

Eloise & Paul Dejoria

Derek Jeter (showcase)

Derek Jeter

Dan Lok (showcase)

Dan Lok

Bob Proctor | VIP showcase |

Bob Proctor

Gary Vaynerchuk (showcase)

Gary Vaynerchuk

Richard Branson (showcase)

Richard Branson

Jack Canfield (showcase)

Jack Canfield

Joey Fatone (showcase)

Joey Fatone

Jim Kwik & Jacqueline Schaffer | VIP showcase |

Jim Kwik

Natalie Morales (showcase)

Natalie Morales

Lionel Richie (showcase

Lionel Richie

Steve Wozniak (showcase)

Steve Wozniak

Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo | VipShowcase.comBill Bartmann |


“I have been around in the success industry and have shared the stage with giants like Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more. I am deeply touched and proud of my friends Ray and Maria’s relationship, work, and their mission. They are sincere and honest people who want to see others succeed. I am honored to have been part of their show and will continue to support them as they go global.”

— The late Bill Bartmann – Self-made Billionaire | Author of ‘Billionaire Secrets to Success’


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